Pre-Sale Detail

*Do you have a car your looking to sell?  

*Did you know you can get more money for your car by having it professionally detailed?

That's right, by having your vehicle professionally detailed will make you car more valuable, potential buyers have the image that if you take care of the inside and outside of the vehicle that you must also take care of it mechanically.  You can take two 2005 Mustangs, one that is dirty, scratched up but is mechanically sound, runs perfect with low miles, and another one with more miles, may not run as good, needs brakes, etc. but is super clean in and out. Which car will sell faster? Which one will get more money? Yep, the clean car will sell before the mechanically sound car will.  It's the way the brain works, the perceived image.  So why not spend a few hundred dollars to make your car sell faster, and for more money?

Take the Jeep in the picture below, would you rather buy the oxidized "pink barbie" Jeep, or the bright red, polished Jeep?  Same Jeep, the pic on the right was taken after a single stage paint polish.

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