Premium Detail


avg. 6-8 hours


*Full interior vacuum

*Leather conditioning

*Clean floor mats

*Clean carpet and upholstery with extractor

*Clean all windows

*Clean and protect dash, console, etc.

*Clean steering wheel and shift lever handle

*Steam clean interior to remove germs and bacteria


*Hand wash 

*Dry with scratch free microfiber towel

*Clean windows inside and out

*Clean and dress tires, wheels and wheel wells

*Synthetic clay paint and glass to remove contaminants

*3 step paint correction process includes:

-Compound paint to remove oxidation and medium scratches in paint

-Polish paint to restore gloss and luster/ remove minor scratches

-Wax vehicle to enhance gloss and protect finish

Call or Text today 360-791-5366

*Prices subject to change based on condition of vehicle and size of vehicle.  Larger vehicles will cost a little bit more.

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